IMA Virtuosi  Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to deliver professional music education to pre-college students in Houston, Texas and develop the culture of classical music appreciation in our community.

Developing skill and artistry in a young musician is a lengthy and complex process which can often outstrip the means of even working parents. IMA Virtuosi, Inc has the vision, the contacts and involvement in the community, and the desire to produce great artists from those who have the perseverance and the talent. We will add our strong arm of support to the parents and young musicians for a more musical tomorrow.

What we do:

  • Award applied music scholarships for talented youths whose family does not have the financial resources to develop their musical talent.
  • Award travel scholarships to students desiring to attend competitions and summer schools.
  • Set up a support community for outstanding young musicians with regular meetings and educational and social events. We would like to make a long term investment in today’s talented youth, help them grow up possessing not only talent and skill, but also strong character and confidence needed to withstand the intense pressure of today’s society.
  • Host musical events by accomplished artists at local venues to inspire and educate young musicians as well as the community.
  • Hold musical events where students can perform in a professional venue.
  • Host clinics and masterclasses for students learning their instruments. A clinic or masterclass is an event where a student performs for an outstanding teacher and gets instructed in front of the audience. This type of event greatly benefits the student as well as everyone else in the audience.
  • Allow students to attend concerts throughout Houston.
  • Produce and publish materials, give lectures geared towards educating Houston families on the value of music education and provide them with the information and tools necessary to make the best decisions for their families.
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