2017-2018 Concert Season

The International Music Academy masterclass
Sold out audience. Classical music is not dead!

IMA Virtuosi concerts are designed to attract wide audience. We publicize our events to a music students and their families. The concert inspire young students and often they are the first classical music event their family ever attended. We hope that over time we strengthen the culture of music appreciation in our city. Our performares are teachers themselves, by providing a paid performance to them we are making a long term investment in the music teachers in our city.


The International Music Academy - Student Concert

Carnegie Hall – Student Preview Concert

September 30, 2018


The International Music Academy - Faculty Concert

Carnegie Hall – Faculty Preview Concert

September 28, 2018



The Great Romantics

January 20, 2018

The Great Romantics, presented by the Faculty of the International Music Academy, is an evening of classical music for piano and cello by two composers whose works have helped us to define Romantic music.
Maria Gorodetskaya (Russia), Filip Błachnio (Poland) and Sonya Matoussova (Russia) are well known to the Houston public. They are all actively involved in the music scene of our city as performers and educators.



Student Concert

February 16, 2018

Ever wonder how regular children become performing artists? Come and see for yourself! This evening the International Music Academy will present its outstanding students in piano, violin, cello and guitar. This is our honors concert and you will hear the best of our best. Enjoy their performances and remember their names; someday you could be telling a friend “I heard some of those performers in Houston when they were still children and I could tell right away these were the artists of the future.”




Faculty Concert

April 20, 2018

The International Music Academy is committed to comprehensive and expert music instruction for its students. We believe that the study of music enriches people’s lives by increasing creativity, enhancing intelligence and fostering cultural appreciation. Through the work and dedication of talented teachers, the Academy provides an environment for students to enjoy personal growth, achieve their artistic potential and gain an excellent foundation for their future college study or personal enjoyment.

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